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playstation experience day 1 stuff and my day
eh woke up and watched the playstation expereince thing this morning... saw a few cool games but they're already all over facebook so I won't rehash them here.

had lunch at about noon but come to find out we were going out to eat and to see fantastic beasts in the theater so I mean that was fun... drove up to in n out and chowed down then off to the theater...

I mean I liked the movie even though I didn't have a whole lot of frame of reference for the books really. but it was fun a lot of neat special effects.

but then we went to the bank and to the store, then back here at home.

I did find out I'd be home alone next weekend, with my mom flying out to texas to see inlaws and the boys going to san jose for a sharks game... yknow what it's fine. I'd have the place to myself and not have anyone breathing down my neck for two days so I think I'll be okay.

either or I'd just be holed up on my computer for most of it anyway so why leave home at all?

had carnitas for dinner and now i'm sitting here writing about my day.

life update and some other stuff
New Yuz
guess they're still trying to figure out what to do with my uncle, I guess they wanna move him in here? No idea really they're just talking about it atm.

all I know is I'd better wind up with my own damn room again soon. at least even my brother is wondering when his friend is going to move out so I hope its sooner than later and he stops dragging his fucking ass about it.

anyway, elsewhere in shit I actually care about, I heard that EA was ending support for their online MMO racer, Need For Speed World. I didn't really get a whole lot of time with the game, the piece of shit desktop my dad gave me had some bullshit no-name graphics card that was complete shit so the game wouldn't run at all... and then on the netbook it was still too slow to be playable outside of the single player races.

Admittedly I haven't played it a whole lot on this new computer but I had so much else going on I just never found the time!

So I poked around online for a hacked save file for NFS Carbon on PS2. See all of the versions of the game feature the same 'car catalog' which features all of the games normal cars, the 'Collector's Edition' cars, as well as unlocks and DLC cars, (so yes they were on the disc :( ) it's just certain versions of the game only feature some of the cars in the normal game, but I did suspect something was up when the Wii version of the game had a challenge with a car that isn't otherwise normally selectable in the game.

Then I found a youtube video of someone who hacked the game via gameshark codes or something and his garage featured ALL of the cars on the disc, even the exclusive/dlc ones, so finally I had the opportunity to try that via a hacked save, now I just need to find a way to unlock the rest of the game so I don't have to do it manually lol. It's so much fun drifting with some of the special cars like the Corolla GTS and the 240SX, it's freaking sweet!

Other than that we've been playing Dungeon Fighter Online again as the 2nd part of the beta test is underway with an all new class! Been trying to play Don't Starve Together as well though lately it's been giving me issues so I haven't been able to play with her. :(

Other than that there's not a whole lot new to speak of.

well if that didn't just make my day
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SO section 8 finally came through for gamergirrl77! I guess she just has to mail them and explain that she's out of state currently but is still interested in a residence here in California. So I'm hoping that they come through for her, it would be so great like you don't even KNOW.

home life here is mostly the same as always, i guess the family is taking turns staying with lloyd to make sure he's okay. so hopefully things won't be too stressful here because of it.

did have some happy news I almost forgot about
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So I introduced the fiancee to twine, a text adventure game creation tool, allows you to create choose your own adventure games that are playable right inside your web browser! I got the idea from thinking about how we were watching someone stream 'Life is Strange' an episodic choose your own adventure game with branching paths depending on the options you choose...

I remembered that mish loves to write fiction, so I figured I would show her that and she can turn her stories into a game! So we're currently in the midst of writing a game called Supreme Delusions, about a mysterious young girl who finds herself in a hospital after missing for two years, and things just get stranger from there!

Right now we've just started writing the prologue, but hopefully soon we'll at least have that part of the story done then we can see about working on future chapters.

first real update in a while
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I dunno how this is gonna go but here goes...

since I didn't get to do an E3 post I'll just cover that briefly:


had a couple neat things, like the HALO HD Anniversary collection (HALO 1-4 remastered in high definition and playable over XBOX Live!)

Phantom Dust coming back is pretty cool too, I remember the XBOX1 version being quite fun, very M:TG-esque


With Need For Speed taking the year off (save for the feature film, which I did see and was EPIC) ... not that it was gonna be on WiiU anyway, there wasn't anything that I could get excited about over at EA... well possibly the Star Wars Battlefront might be cool.


Well Just Dance might be fun but I probably know like maybe two or three songs in each one. The Crew is probably skipping WiiU so no point in getting excited for it is there?


Actually my brother picked up a PS4 and the Diablo III expansion for it, so I'll probably at least get to try destiny... its by the HALO guys at bungie so I bet it'll be fun. Little Big Planet 3 should be interesting, if they're still doing the whole 'develop your own game' thing.


Smash: want! also may want one or more of the amiibo figures to go with it! Hope there's a megaman one or I'll just get the pit one.

Yarn Yoshi: might be cool, though not launching til 2015. :(

Zelda WiiU: I scared the dogs with how loud I screamed when Aonuma snapped his fingers to reveal the first peek at the game world of Zelda U ... IT LOOKED AMAZING! and if they're really going to try and go back to the original zelda's 'go anywhere you want and do the dungeons in almost any order' format then this may easily be the best Zelda OF ALL TIME. Definitely GotY 2015 front-runner for sure.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker: I imagine nintendo getting a ton of club nintendo submissions for Super Mario 3D World which say 'please make captain toad's levels into its own game' (much like mine did) which is exactly what they did. supposed to be holiday 2014 so will look for that one!

Bayonetta 2: well actually it's 1 and 2, with an HD remaster of the original with some nintendo-themed extras, so that'd be worth checking out just for the bonuses!

Hyrule Warriors: really excited for this one! obviously not anywhere near as excited as for Zelda U, but for the time being this one looks like fun.

Mario Maker: Will likely get this one as well, even though it's not due til 2015. A mario-themed construction set, how many years have peopled asked for this?! I do wonder what they'll include as far as represented games and such... but we shall see!

Kirby: welllllll I dunno, I never played the original DS game, I guess I'm not feeling this one as much, honestly.

Splatoon: almost want to call this game of the show, cause it's just so new and original! a team-based FPS that's non-violent and definitely safe for all ages! and it does feature online multiplayer so more online games are always good.

Devil's Third: a 3rd party game from Tomonobu Itagaki (Ninja Gaiden series, DOA) this was my other tossup vote for game of the show, a 3rd-person action game with swordplay and shooting with guns, this one also has multiplayer with a TON of customization options... I think its holiday 2014 I just hope it doesn't get delayed or cancelled...


relationship? ... I'm not sure. she came back briefly right around new year's but then exited again some point in april... then sometime in july relocated to texas (and I doubt they'd want her sleeping with some white guy in the same bed, let alone 'sleeping' if you catch my drift)

I think she's hung up on me getting my own place but I wouldn't even know where to begin... closest thing to that is if I did it with my brother but I just don't think we're in the right place financially to do that, so IDK. I know she told me she'd take the first red-eye out of texas to come back to cali.... I'd love to have her here but there's barely room for me here. I can only hope the door will stay open on that offer cause my brother's friend may finally be at least thinking about moving out... so if I play my cards right I would have her here and we just trade my brother back for the king-size bed I was using before.

I don't even know if they'd go for it, but they fucking owe me for the almost five years I got shafted on my own room.

wow that went way long.... anyway that's all I got so I'm gonna go watch space dandy, read another chapter of elfquest: complete and then go to bed.

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i've had this damn journal open for almost an hour now and I still don't know why i'm writing here. not a damned thing has changed since my last entry.

and i just continue to fuck things up
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two days!
New Yuz
SO. in two days I'm leaving for a month-long visit with gamergirrl77 in oceanside! Sooo stoked, lol. Just getting to spend a hell of a lot more quality time than the 48 hours I got in 2012... So of course I'm looking forward to it!

Hopefully later I'll have an update on how the vacation's going so far, and any potential leads for moving down there someday, too.

Interestingly during a day trip to goodwill I discovered a nearly complete in box Totally Unreal (an ultimate collection of Unreal games of sorts, featuring Game of the Year version of Unreal Tournament, featuring all the extras and the latest patch, as well as Unreal GOLD, a single player sequel with all its extras)

See years ago there was this little LAN party location with a dozen high-end PCs setup, and if you paid a fee you could rent one of them for an hour and play any of the games for as long as it lasted... that's where I fell in love with Unreal Tournament. Of course its long gone nowadays, but now that I have my own copy, I don't think I'd need to go up there anymore anyway, hehe.

Guess that's all from me for now, my next update will be from oceanside, so see you then!


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