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okay day for the most part. made myself a bologna sandwich for lunch and had some of the chips, I think those cat clips helped a lot!

then the amazon delivery arrived so I grabbed the scissors and unboxed everything, the paper towel holder (which was heavier than I thought it might be so no knocking it over accidentally) and the vinyl version of daft punk's discovery!

luckily she woke up right after it got here so she fired up the turntable and we put it on.... man it sounded really good I'm so happy to have that album now! also love that the sleeve for the 2nd record has both the lyrics and the songs they sampled from, a nice touch!

right as I went to go lay down for a nap dad called wanted to see how we were doing... asked if matt got back to me (he didn't) and suggested I try to get ahold of him again this weekend. I mean I do need to get my PC down here so we'd at least have that. but I'll try him again see how he's been doing.

yknow even though he hasn't texrted me at all since january (probably right when they all found out there'd be no return trip for me I'd just be working on moving in here already) I get it hes busy with work but cmon...

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fun day today

so about 1230 mom and I went to lunch and the store... stopped at mcd's and let her know there was a huge thing going on with happy meals next week (but like its only a week or so long!) so we'll have to see what I can get ahold of from that. otherwise it was okay for the most part though they messed up our order, luckily it didn't take too long to fix (was supposed to be two double cheeseburgers mine with bacon but we both got singles... but once it was fixed everything was fine.

then went to the store I got restocked on coke (though no sign of the cinnamon yet so I just got another case of the orange vanilla) and mom was hoping I could find another case of donuts but I didn't see any but I found this peanut butter fudge brownie that looked appetizing (it was!) and a few other things. and of course not even a week out from halloween the store is all christmas decorations now, ugh lol)

after I got home and unloaded everything mishi called me on her new phone and we talked for a little bit! always good to hear from her I should try to call her more I'm just so bad about that sorta thing :( but I'll try it.

I do need to stream again at some point, especially since I fixed the backdrop so it's not crooked... have some ideas for stuff to play so I'll think about it tomorrow.


good day

so I fixed a chicken quesadilla thing for lunch, then set about hooking up the speaker set matt gave me (guess it was jared's old set he didn't want anymore? 

anyway hooked that up and tweaked the settings everything sounds so much better now! can't wait to play my games and music/videos through it that's gonna be so freaking cool!!

had a taco bell griller for an afternoon snack... it was pretty good might have to get two if I want one for dinner though but it was perfect since I was already kinda full from lunch.

then I had the most interesting exchange on twitter:

I'd asked one of my recent twitter followers if he'd remembered me from a long time ago (I'd remembered his name from back in the day and given some of his posts I was pretty sure this was him) 

sure enough he told me he remembered me from way back when! my earliest internet hangouts when I got my first PC and got on dialup AOL were basically split between an irc channel for a sailormoon newsgroup (where I met one of my current fb friends only other person I've known quite that long!) and another retrogaming/emulation server that talked about classic games and emulating them on your PC, this guy was from the second group.

so that was pretty cool to officially reconnect after all this time! I was hoping he'd remembered me I mean he did follow me on twitter so I was sure he'd prolly remembered me. so we reconnected a bit on twitter it was good to hear from him!

when I'd gotten into emulation stuff in the late 90s-early 00s right after I got my first PC he was in one of the first IRC channels I remember visiting! of course now he says that server's long gone, go figure. he sent me a screenshot of some IRC logs I'm guessing? a few of the names did jump out at me as people I remembered so that was definitely a blast from the past!

(I mean I do still talk to some of the people I hung out around back then but not from that specific channel, haha)

anyway other than that matt's supposed to assemble the little cart for me and maybe take a look at the headset at some point (though I'm pretty sure it's toast) so will report on that later if I hear back about it.

update: so matt delivered the cart I think he flipped the top shelf so I could set my fridge on it but still have two compartments for all my other stuff. I did hear back from bobby on my 'first VR' questions so I relayed those over on facebook since they were looking into getting into it on their new PCs so hopefully dad will let me know if he saw it and if the computer can run the stuff... I'm hoping it can especially with the videocard upgrade but we'll see!

dinner was a kfc famous bowl mom was asking me right in the middle of listing the games they should start with so I didn't wanna divert too much away from that, so I mean it's fine I haven't had it in a while.

then olr was pretaped and they entertained my president cat question I mean imagine if we owned the rights to that?! I know there are a few people out there that would love to see a re-release of that game somehow.... so yeah stay tuned.

the stream was buffering like hell though but I made it to the end being a shorter show. so anyway sitting here watching mish play more no man's sky... may go on later we'll see how I feel.


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nothing really new, had leftover pizza for lunch, then just played random switch stuff all day mostly snk 40th and tetris 99 you know. I did also start the new season of american gods.

oh forgot to add I won a game from one of neen's random raffles... out of her grab bag I thought maldita castilla ex would be the most up my alley... she got me the code a few hours ago. unfortunately I haven't been able to get my joystick to work with it (even the joy2key program to translate the inputs to keyboard presses doesn't work, I can't fire without pausing the game and remapping doesn't do anything... might experiment more tomorrow)

sounds like mish is a little under the weather :( poor thing.

venting below and some other thoughts just to get it out

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dinner was mcdonald's quarter pounder with cheese... and bacon lol so not bad.

anyway now just watching jojo live for once (even though it's the dub)


ain't nobody got time for bullshit, at least it ended better

yeah the 'we're broke' defense doesn't work when you just got back from a fucking hockey trip/hotel stay. I don't buy it. why the hell did you make me put down a shopping list if we didn't have the money anyway? granted it was after the heating people came out again to do some more work. 

had to pay matt to get me some kfc (the original plan was to just walk up to taco bell I should've just fucking done that. :( oh well) 

at least they're trying one of the blue apron things for dinner... sounds interesting will update later afterward see how it is... 

it's not bad! I mean I didn't dislike it, at least. mom gave me some of her sweet peach water, it was actually pretty good! almost like 7up or something but peach flavor... admittedly I'm not a huge fan of peach flavor but it was still pretty good.

I asked mom if I could help with the next one and she said sure, she got one that appears to be an italian dish shrimp with fettucini and garlic bread... sounds pretty good! so stay tuned to see how that turned out.

and mom just ran up to the store also got me a case of coke, a bag of cheetos and a little thing of dark chocolate / mint kisses, so it wasn't a completely trash day.


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obviously today wasn't as exciting as yesterday but it was a good enough day... 

I dusted off my copy of construct 2 (game construction set) and found a neat tutorial for a 2D platfomer type game, actually wasn't too hard to follow, it came with all the graphics and stuff you'd need (and it wasn't behind a paywall!) so I spent the evening doing that and got all the way to the end of the first video...

man I forgot just how easy that programming thing was! I don't know if they cover adding music, but if I remember how I may go either beepbox or looplabs and try to compose a song see if I can add one if I have to. :P

oh what else... oh yeah! decided I would take the plunge and try to join up this D&D game one of the guys in this group mish invited me to wanted to start up.... forgot I had an account at the site he'll be using so it'll be awesome to actually get some use out of it! (I literally haven't even used it yet, heh) 

hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the games at least once a week if not more, tried to sign up for as often as I could (I think I only got weekends off because of the sunday podcasts and aside from this friday I don't think I'll be missing many I hope.

almost two more weeks of vacation left, you got the concert on friday then I fly home a little over a week later!


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sure enough today was already better... caught up on the orville which actually delved into some pretty serious themes... see there's a race of all male aliens, but one of them gave birth to a female! so there was this big huge thing on whether to operate on her to make her a male alien (basically the transgender controversy) so initially he wasn't going to do it, (since unsurprisingly they feel that females are inferior to males, shocker I know) but one of his fellow crew members shows him Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as an example of 'being different isn't SO bad', so he finally has a change of heart....

but then he goes in front of the jury back home and she just winds up having to have the surgery anyway.... but his dad does give him a rudolph plush at the end of it as a clever nod to that whole thing... I was honestly surprised they went right at such a heavy topic!

anyway later in the afternoon, the mail arrived and all our games arrived (and my case! which also included a little artbook and a double-sided poster... and a download code for a bonus retro outfit which I'll be sure to wait til I get home to redeem, I made the mistake of doing that with the sonic dlc from that game when I had it, and couldn't use it again so not making that mistake twice)

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so today, helped dad with getting the laptop back up again, had to put his antivirus on the usb drive so he could have it without downloading it, I think the only thing left to do is get his wireless mouse to work again, no idea why it wouldn't...

I did find a really good headset I can probably use for streaming so whenever I can get that back up again I'll have to try using it when I stream!

I think some point this week dad was gonna go on gamefly and pick up some of the games randy wanted for his birthday... and maybe the copy of mighty #9 I had my eye on, I mean it's 8 bucks and even though I offered to give him ten bucks to cover it, he didn't want it so yay I suppose!

other than that a mostly uneventful day, just sitting around here online or watching tv or whatever... oh dad did mention to send mom a thank you note for the note for the scorpion necklace she sent kathy from the other day when she sent us the ticket for my flight home so I did that... sounds like she was in santa cruz with the inlaws so I didn't get to talk long but message was received anyway so, there's at least that.

but in the evening mish and I caught up with some more michiko and hatchin, though midway through the second ep dad got skype up and found out it could translate his speech into other languages so he spent a few minutes monkeying with that XD

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playstation experience day 1 stuff and my day

eh woke up and watched the playstation expereince thing this morning... saw a few cool games but they're already all over facebook so I won't rehash them here.

had lunch at about noon but come to find out we were going out to eat and to see fantastic beasts in the theater so I mean that was fun... drove up to in n out and chowed down then off to the theater...

I mean I liked the movie even though I didn't have a whole lot of frame of reference for the books really. but it was fun a lot of neat special effects.

but then we went to the bank and to the store, then back here at home.

I did find out I'd be home alone next weekend, with my mom flying out to texas to see inlaws and the boys going to san jose for a sharks game... yknow what it's fine. I'd have the place to myself and not have anyone breathing down my neck for two days so I think I'll be okay.

either or I'd just be holed up on my computer for most of it anyway so why leave home at all?

had carnitas for dinner and now i'm sitting here writing about my day.
New Yuz

life update and some other stuff

guess they're still trying to figure out what to do with my uncle, I guess they wanna move him in here? No idea really they're just talking about it atm.

all I know is I'd better wind up with my own damn room again soon. at least even my brother is wondering when his friend is going to move out so I hope its sooner than later and he stops dragging his fucking ass about it.

anyway, elsewhere in shit I actually care about, I heard that EA was ending support for their online MMO racer, Need For Speed World. I didn't really get a whole lot of time with the game, the piece of shit desktop my dad gave me had some bullshit no-name graphics card that was complete shit so the game wouldn't run at all... and then on the netbook it was still too slow to be playable outside of the single player races.

Admittedly I haven't played it a whole lot on this new computer but I had so much else going on I just never found the time!

So I poked around online for a hacked save file for NFS Carbon on PS2. See all of the versions of the game feature the same 'car catalog' which features all of the games normal cars, the 'Collector's Edition' cars, as well as unlocks and DLC cars, (so yes they were on the disc :( ) it's just certain versions of the game only feature some of the cars in the normal game, but I did suspect something was up when the Wii version of the game had a challenge with a car that isn't otherwise normally selectable in the game.

Then I found a youtube video of someone who hacked the game via gameshark codes or something and his garage featured ALL of the cars on the disc, even the exclusive/dlc ones, so finally I had the opportunity to try that via a hacked save, now I just need to find a way to unlock the rest of the game so I don't have to do it manually lol. It's so much fun drifting with some of the special cars like the Corolla GTS and the 240SX, it's freaking sweet!

Other than that we've been playing Dungeon Fighter Online again as the 2nd part of the beta test is underway with an all new class! Been trying to play Don't Starve Together as well though lately it's been giving me issues so I haven't been able to play with her. :(

Other than that there's not a whole lot new to speak of.