DarkTetsuya (darktetsuya) wrote,

did have some happy news I almost forgot about

So I introduced the fiancee to twine, a text adventure game creation tool, allows you to create choose your own adventure games that are playable right inside your web browser! I got the idea from thinking about how we were watching someone stream 'Life is Strange' an episodic choose your own adventure game with branching paths depending on the options you choose...

I remembered that mish loves to write fiction, so I figured I would show her that and she can turn her stories into a game! So we're currently in the midst of writing a game called Supreme Delusions, about a mysterious young girl who finds herself in a hospital after missing for two years, and things just get stranger from there!

Right now we've just started writing the prologue, but hopefully soon we'll at least have that part of the story done then we can see about working on future chapters.
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yes. thank you i love it. sorry if it seems i'm not into doing it right now but i will be. just super stressed right now with all this ssi stuff.
oh no worries babe! yeah I know you've been stressing about that stuff, our game isn't going anywhere we can pick it up again whenever you're feeling up to it. :D

seriously I can't even describe the feeling I got when we started working on this thing... I hope we can make it big enough to make an entire saga out of this!

I definitely want to look around more see what other features and things we can add (I believe you can do pictures and sound effects/music, I should also see if there's some way to save your progress and possibly do some kind of RPG combat too.)

i promise we will get back to it asap. i just want to get this ssi/food stamps/moving situation over with cus it's depriving me of sleep and all i want honestly is just you by my side cus i feel so damn lonely here
awww babe I know, we'll get through this hopefully soon! I'm still super excited about the prospect of finishing this game and possibly selling it to people, how awesome would that be?!